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I love the CD, great variety, scriptural messages, singable tunes. This is a significant contribution to songs available for children. Kids love the songs. Parents love the songs. I love the songs.
— Dan Sweatt, Pastor Emeritus, Berean Baptist Church, Lilburn, GA
As a local church Music Pastor, I can give these songs the heartiest of recommendations. The children and adults of our church have LOVED these songs. They convey Biblical truth in such a memorable way, with tunes that are singable, and texts that are often taken directly from the Scripture.  What a delight to see the body of Christ have this wonderful music as a resource. These songs have substance, are styled conservatively, and are just plain FUN!  They are unique and I know they will be a wonderful tool to impress the timeless truths of the Bible on the hearts of children both young and young at heart!  I love them and I believe you will come to love them as well.
— Rob Finch, Music Pastor, Berean Baptist Church, Lilburn, GA
I LOVE the music the Dalrymples have written for use in the church. Their music is singable for children of all ages, distinct in that it is clearly a “new song” that does not imitate the sound of the world in obedience to the truths of Romans 12:2, memorable in that it helps them remember clear Scriptural truths on which they meditate long after they sing, beautiful in that it reflects the nature of our God. I’m a big fan not just as a pastor but as a father! My children still sing songs they learned from the Dalrymples, and when I hear it I cannot help but smile. Your family and ministry will be blessed by these songs greatly! 
— Shawn Kook, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Davison, MI
After teaching for over 40 years I have noticed that ideas set to music stick in our minds easily and can be recalled quickly! I’ve used these songs in my classroom at school and at church too. God’s truths set to tunes, children love to sing and will remember for a lifetime!
— Phyllis Pinkston, teacher
Our family loves these songs! They are full of rich, meaningful text and are wonderful to listen to. My four year old loves to sing and is often singing these tunes at the park or store for all to hear.
— Summer Finch, mother
Mrs. Dalrymple’s music has been a tremendous blessing to our family. Our boys sing these songs throughout the day. The words are wholesome, the verses are full of scripture and the songs teach biblical truths. My husband and I find ourselves singing along too. These songs will be remembered for a lifetime!
— Victoria Westbrooks, mother

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